About Mary


Hi! I’m Mary Mullen and I build WP Websites.

And I also provide Traditional Marketing, Internet Marketing and Technical Support related services. My specialties include: Business and Nonprofit startup, Website design, development and management, social media development, technical and administrative support and training.

Although I’m mostly technical in nature, I’m also a creative. I ponder. I innovate. I design. I develop. I code. I maintain, I analyze, I teach. Sometimes I amaze. .

I am an independent, creative, freelance web designer and developer that looks beyond the confines of four walls and considers YOUR business objectives in my overall strategy. With many years of experience in a multitude of industries and a very unique skill set, I patiently research your needs, pursue creative solutions, and expertly make things real for both of us.

Tech Support

Tech Support

Tech Support

And did we mention the all important aspect of “Tech Support”?
Our web designers, our graphic designers are usually just an email away and seldom are your issues not resolved in less than a day.
And we also offer 24/7 toll-free tech support for our domain, hosting and email type issues if they arise.  Issues can usually be resolved well before you need to make that phone call.  We pride ourselves on offering that kind of service.